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Date/Time:   4/20/2014 3:55:19 AM PST
An unexpected system error has occurred.  Please review the following details for assistance to resolve the error:
Please navigate back to the My Account screen to view the status of your registration from the “Registrations & Status” tab. You will need to enable JavaScript in order to see the right side of the screen, which is typically accomplished by altering your browser's internet options. For more detailed instructions to enable JavaScript per browser please refer to the help site* provided below (the most commonly used browsers are listed).
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Before attempting any actions on existing registrations, remove all pending registrations in your cart so that you can re-register.
An error such as the one you encountered is typically due to a change the administrator applied to the program you tried to register for (even due to minor changes). If you clear the existing registration and re-register you should be able to successfully checkout.
If you continue to receive the error, please contact the club for assistance. The club handles all procedures and/or concerns regarding registration and can address this and any other questions you have for the upcoming season.
Club Contact:  WYSA office
Phone Number:  859-873-4406
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We apologize for any inconveniences.
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