2014 Registration Fees:
Lincoln Little League will use a fee structure to ensure that we'll remain affordable while continuing to raise the necessary funds to operate the league.  In years past, we have asked that each family participate in our fundraising efforts by selling $50 of calendars. We will continue to utilize the calendars as a key source of funding.  Once again, this year, the funds raised will be used to assist families with the cost of registration as follows:

· Included in each registration fee is a $50 credit for calendars. Each player registered to play in the 2014 season will receive 5 calendars (each to be sold for $10). The number of calendars per family will be based on the number of players registered to play in the league (i.e., if a family has 3 children playing in the league, the family will receive 15 calendars).

· As each family/player sells the calendars, the proceeds raised will remain with the player’s family. Like last year, we have eliminated the need to return the cash to the league (each registered player was “credited” via the registration fee for the $50 cost of the calendars).  Only the calendar stubs will have to be returned to the league by June 1st, 2014. 

· Families with multiple players in the league will each receive 5 calendars per player, regardless of the number of players participating in the 2014 season.

· Families choosing to not sell the calendars have the option to complete the calendars and submit for an opportunity to participate in the raffle.

To the extent, each player participates and sells their allocated calendars, and the funds raised by each player will directly reduce the registration cost for the 2014 season.

Registration Fees:
Instructional Baseball (Boys and Girls) Ages 6-7 $80.00 (includes ACTIVE.COM Processing Fee)
Majors and Minors Baseball (Boys) Ages 8-12 $125.00 (includes ACTIVE.COM Processing Fee)
Majors and Minors Softball (Girls) Ages 8-12 $125.00 (includes ACTIVE.COM Processing Fee)
Juniors (Boys & Girls) Ages 13-16 $125.00 (includes ACTIVE.COM Processing Fee)
Please Note: The Family maximum is $275.00 plus a per child Active.com service fee.

If you are a new player to the league, you MUST mail paperwork to the appropriate league official.

IF you are a returning player to the league, there is no need to attend a walk-in registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Online Registration is available thru end of day Monday February 24, 2014. If you do not register by end of day February 24, 2014, a LATE FEE of $20.00 will be assessed for all children ages 8-12, and a $10.00 late fee to all children ages 6-7. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Information for New Players ONLY
: Once this online registration process has been completed, NEW PLAYERS ONLY must provide a COPY of a birth certificate and proof of residency (utility bill, etc.). These documents must be mailed to the applicable Player Agent:

Joan Dion
Baseball Player Agent
1020 Smithfield Ave.
Lincoln, RI  02865


Joe Conti
Softball Player Agent
3 Great Meadows Lane
Lincoln, RI  02865
If you have any questions, please contact us at LincolnLittleLeague@verizon.net

Registration Instructions
All players will need to create an account prior to completing their first registration within the system. In subsequent years, you may log in with your account information to register. To create an account, please click "Create Account" on the right to get started. Click "Skip" on Step 1 to continue on through the account creation process.

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