Beaver Dam United Soccer Club is a nonprofit organization providing families of our growing community the environment to enrich their lives through the soccer experience. Our vision is to be a leader in the total soccer experience for our participants and their families. BDUSC has 2 primary goals:

1. To develop and maintain a youth soccer club that encourages physical and mental growth while emphasizing good citizenship.

2. To nurture good sportsmanship and sense of fair play in a competitive environment.

NOTE:  Additional IMPORTANT information for online registration -- please read

1) Registration Fees for U14 and younger players include a full uniform of Jersey, shorts and socks and the cost of one tournament registration fee.  Players will need to provide their own soccer shoes, shin guards and an appropriate size soccer ball.  High school players will only be provided with a numbered T-shirt, they will need to provide their own black shorts and socks as well.

2) For the uniform sizes, please measure the player and use the information provided for sizing the uniforms.  If you just guess and the uniform is the size you ordered, but not the right size for the player, it will not be replaced unless you are willing to pay for the cost of replacing it.

3)  For the questions "willing to play coed" & "willing to play girls only", which only apply to the girls' registration, you can answer yes or no to either question, BUT if you answer NO to either, and that is the only team available for that player, the player may not be placed on a team.  Only answer NO if you would not accept a roster spot on either a coed or a girls only team.

4)  Players will only be able to register at their actual "soccer age", based on their birth date.  The team they are placed on may or may not match their "soccer age", depending on the ages of all of the players who register and the teams that can be formed from those players.

5)  An email address is required to be recorded during online registration.  If you don't have one, you can set one up through any of the many free online sites available.  If you don't want to have one, you can enter a "fake" email address, but if you do that, make sure it is obviously fake - such as, so we don't later wonder why you don't respond to our emails.

6)  A "home" phone number is required - if you don't have one, please just enter your cell phone number under the "home" phone, and under the cell phone.

7)  Where the system asks for the Mother's birthdate, that number is just used as part of an ID number for each player.  It asks for MMDD (month & day, NOT year), but if you don't want to use those numbers for some reason, you may enter a made up number.  That number is only used because it would be easy for you to remember for later reference.

8)  Please write down your Login (Email) & Password & keep them for future reference.  You can later login to the system to change your phone numbers, address, email, or whatever may need updating, as well as to register your players in future seasons without having to re-enter the family's information.

9)  If you have any questions that you need answered before or during your registration, please contact Kerry Pasewald, BDU registrar at 920-210-5196, or by email at

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