Registration is now open through June 8, 2012
We apologize for a misprint on the mailed postcards.  The fundraising fee for 2012 is $20.  Not $10 as specified on the card.  We aplogize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Returning Players
Enter your ORIGINAL email and password from when you first set up your account.  Your "email" should be your email address that you had when you first set up your account.  Even if you have changed your email since last year, your email logon remains as the original email address you had when you set up the account.  If you do not remember your password, select "Forgot my password" and it should be emailed to you (using your current email in the database).  SNSC does not have access to your email logon or password.  If you are unable to figure this out, please email the club registrar. 

New Players
Parents that have never registered a player with Sacramento North Soccer Club (SNSC) will need to create a new account. Click "Create Account" on the right to get started. Click the "Skip" button on Step 1 to continue on through the account creation process to complete registration.   You need to remember your account log on and password as it will remain the same for all subsequent seasons - even if your email address changes.  PLEASE write this down.

Season Information
The 2012 season begins the weekend of September 8th and runs for 11 weeks (through November 17th). The seeding tournament is August 25th.  Practices typically begin the first week of August.

All new players need to at least purchase a jersey ($15.00) as part of the registration process.  Black soccer socks and shorts may be purchased when registering, or you may purchase them yourself at your favorite discount store.

Registration Fees
The total fees for the 2012 season are $120.00 per player as is required to be paid in full to complete the online registration process.  Payment cannot be made in person as it is required to be done online.  The fees are broken out as follows:  
1)    Registration Fee: $100.00
2)    Fundraiser Fee:  $20.00

SNSC serves our players through the involvement and dedication of volunteers. We are continuously in need of volunteer assistance throughout most of the year. All parents are required to select a minimum of one volunteer opportunity as part of the player registration.

Registration Deadline:  Registration must be completed and any required paperwork submitted by JUNE 8, 2012.  SNSC DOES NOT ACCEPT LATE REGISTRATION REGARDLESS OF THE REASON.

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