Welcome to Avon Lake Soccer!

The Avon Lake Soccer Organization is a group of volunteers committed to the growth and development of the sport of soccer and youth soccer players in Avon Lake. We presently oversee a boys and girls travel program of 14 teams, the largest number since ALSO was founded. We also have an in-house recreation program of more than 600 children, ranging in ages from 5 to 13 years old.

Searching for your account:
If the system finds your account information, but the mother's birth date is incorrect please do not skip this step and create a new account. Confirm that this is your information and move on to registration. The "mother's birthdate" is for player ID purposes only. The birthdate does not need to be confirmed.

If the player ID you create is already taken please please change the mother's birthdate by one digit to create a new ID.

The company and occupation information are not required

Once you reach the registration page you will have the option to register next to each parent and child. Be sure to click "Register" next to the child you are registering. You will have the option to go back and register additional children before checkout.

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